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Bind is actually rather an understatement...

Posted on April 25, 2008


Battlestar Galactica 403 (or 405) “Ties that Bind”

That was dark even by the really, really high standards this show has set for being dark and unsettling. It was an unrelenting parade of deeply screwed up people in torment, and the relationships that torment them. Naturally, I loved it, but if it wasn’t so well written and acted, it’d be insufferably gloomy.

Bullet points – if you haven’t seen it, and plan to, look away.

  • The directing in this show was very overt, a lot of very artistic effects – Starbuck only being shown from the back, a lot of blurred backgrounds and voice in Cally’s point-of-view shots, the rotating star design motif. Most of it worked – I thought that keeping us from seeing Starbuck’s face was very effective. I could have done without the kind of druggy shots of the kid’s mobile or whatever the heck that was.

  • I was spoiled on Cally’s death, but the spoiler note implied it was a suicide, so I was surprised by both the addition of the baby in the scene (which made it about 100 times darker), and by Tory’s involvement. I guess we’ll find out next week whether Tory told Chief what she did.

  • I realize this is an odd place to make a stand on plausibility but… let me get this straight. Kara’s crew has her, presumably pretty widely known in the fleet even before she died and came back; Helo, notorious as “the guy who married the toaster”, plus he ran the refugees for a while, and he was Galactica’s XO; and Anders, world famous athlete. All three of these people can just disappear for three weeks without anybody noticing?

  • This is true: at the beginning of the episode I was thinking, hmm… on a spaceship it’s never warm enough for people to get uncomfortable and sweaty. Then they cut to the Starbuck ship, which made Cool Hand Luke look like Ice Age (Cool Hand Luke = sweatiest movie ever in the pilot for Cheers… so it’s a joke. Get it?).

  • Haven’t even covered: They made clear some things about Cally that were almost subliminal, about how she feels about Chief and all… thought that was nice to see. Also, Lee remains the easiest person to manipulate in the entire history of the Galaxy. Presumably Zarek nominated him to the council so he could always have one person he could con into doing goofy things.


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