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Posted on April 24, 2008

A couple of updates on book and article news…

  1. It looks like the screencast/video thing is going to happen, thanks to Jim Minatel. The main constraint is that they’d like the videos to be about five minutes long. I think the first one will be setting up a Rails project in Subversion (chapter 2 of the book, essentially), and I’d do a remix of that chapter using Git if there’s interest. Wiley would like several of these, so I’m open to any topic ideas.

  2. At one point, I think I mentioned here that a .pdf version of the book would be available about six weeks after initial launch. Obviously that hasn’t happened yet, and I’m not sure when that might come together.

  3. I’m going to have another series up at IBM Developerworks sometime in the relatively near future on developing iPhone web applications in Rails. More on that as it gets closer.

  4. I’ll be attending (but not, alas, presenting at) RailsConf this year in Portland. Since it’s an O’Reilly run conference, there won’t be an official Wiley presence, but I’m hoping to have some book-related activity there.


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