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It’s been a while since I lost my geek heart to a TV show that was so obviously doomed. Which brings us to The Middleman, on ABC Family of all places. I had been avoiding this on the grounds that it was just a silly-looking summer series and also the whole obviously doomed thing but a series of positive mentions on io9 and other Web sites (including a plug by Justine Larbalestier) led me to try the thing once.

Thing I Need To Write About, Part 1: Dr. Horrible

It seems like I’m forever mentioning that I’m not posting here as much as I’d like. I said a while back that between here and the Pathfinder blog I’d be posting two to three times a week. Turns out that’s actually been more or less true, just that all of it has been on the Pathfinder side. I do miss it here, and there are a few big genre/geek things in the last couple weeks that I really wanted to write about here, where nobody can interrupt me.


Battlestar Galactica 402ish “Six of One” Some quick bullet points before the next one comes down the pike. Very pleased with the first two episodes of the season – I think it’s encouraging that this episode, credited to a writer whose last couple were not that strong, was arguably better than the first. Katee Sackhoff had an amazing week – Starbuck was all over the place, on the very edge of hysteria of not past it, a lot of great scenes.

Doctor, Doctor, Give Me The News

5 Things About: Doogie Howser, M.D. Why Doogie? Because the parody at the end of How I Met Your Mother a while back, plus a desire to wander through So I watched the Doogie pilot from 1989. And now I’m writing about it. I was really not expecting the show to hold up at all. It’s actually a pretty solid piece of late 80’s TV, despite the cheesy theme music and classic 80’s opening sequence.

I Believeth, I Believeth, Don't Die Tinkerbell...

Battlestar Galactica 4-1 “He That Believeth In Me” I’m relieved, frankly. Not surprised, exactly. I liked Season 3 more than a lot of people seemed to, and I’m optimistic that Ron Moore and his crew understand what the problems were and how to avoid them. Still, it’s good to see the show starting out it’s final season with a strong episode. This was basically the episode I was hoping for, with two extra plusses, and one kind-of minus.

Cuts Like A Knife

SF Movie Review: Battlestar Galactica: Razor (Continuing the enlargement of things I write about on this site, and I think this will be the last post containing a disclaimer about topics…) I’m not sure what this says about me or my relationship to this show, but the following is all true: I bought this DVD the day it came out (I don’t get Sci-Fi at the moment…) I then let it sit for three entire months while waiting for the right time to watch it in one sitting.

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