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High Cost Tests and High Value Tests

You probably don’t need an actual ledger to measure the costs and benefits of your tests (This is a sidebar to an email course called Noel Rappin’s Testing Journal that you can sign up for here. It relates to the content of the email course, but didn’t quite fit in. If you like this post, you’ll probably also find the course valuable. You can also hear me discuss similar topics with Justin Searls and Sam Phippen on an episode of the Tech Done Right podcast.

Books I Liked in 2016, Part 1.

Books 2016: Part One This is part one of my “books that made me happy in 2016”. As usual, we’re doing this in two parts. This one is the books I liked, the next post is the books I really liked. I had a hard time separating the list this year, there were a lot of likable books, so there are kind of a lot here. In alphabetical order by title.

In Defense of Sliming

It’s the one and only Slimey Worm from Sesame Street! When you write a new feature using a Test-Driven Development process you start out with a simple test, often creating an instance and calling a method on it: If you are strictly following TDD, you’ll try to write the simplest code that could pass the test, so your first code that passes the test might look like this. The code has no real logic, but it does pass the test, by just returning the expected value as a constant.

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