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Posted on March 9, 2015

Welcome back

This week I sort of broke ground on the book that will probably be called Master Space and Time with Ember. Here are some things I know or am reasonably sure about.

  • It’s going to be pretty much a complete rewrite. I mean, some of the cranky rants might still be there, but all the technical content will be new. A new example application, too, though I’m still trying to figure out what that might be. (I’ve been using the time travel agency for years, it might be time to branch out. Later update: yep, it’s going to be a different example, but obliquely inspired by the time travel idea.)
  • By complete rewrite, I mean: Ember 2.0 (eventually), Ember data 1.0. Ember CLI, ES 6, pod app structure, Mocha as a test library (probably). We will talk about creating a back end server.
  • In case it’s not clear, this is going to be somewhat ambitious. It’s going to be longer than the current book.
  • I’m also hoping for some clever design, both layout and structurally.
  • Beyond the basic Ember-y things, I want to include some bigger topics, definitely authentication, maybe integrating with d3. I’m open to suggestions.
  • I definitely want to focus on thinking Ember style, beyond just the mechanics of the objects and such.

Which brings us to pricing. I haven’t worked out all the details, so subject to change. But it’ll be something like this.

  • If you own the current Ember book, either on its own or as part of the entire MSTWJS bundle, you will get the version 2 book free for nothing. Mostly because I feel like I promised the update to all of you.
  • This means that buying the current ember book at $10 is going to be a hell of a bargain, because the base price will definitely be higher.
  • given my traditional bent toward underpricing, I doubt it will be as high as some of the other self-published books in this space.
  • if DPD implements it in time, I’d seriously consider variable pricing. I’m also considering something like Avdi’s thing of just offering the book at two prices.
  • I’m also considering extra content, probably screencasts, either as a separate add on or possibly via Patreon.

And, timing. I’m hoping to start distributing early versions of the book, at least to current owners by the announced Ember 2.0 date of June 12. But I have no idea what state it’ll be on by then.

Any questions?


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