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State of My Stuff, January, 2013

Posted on January 7, 2013

The state of the Noel Rappin publishing — I can use the word “empire”, right?

MSTWJS 3: Backbone

Master Space and Time With JavaScript, Book 3: Backbone is draft complete as of today’s release except for a page or so of summary at the end, which I will probably wait to write until the Ember chapter is complete.

The next release will be an edit pass, to clean up typos and bad sentences, smooth over the explanation, fix errata and generally polish stuff. I haven’t done any of this on the book yet, so it’s possible there will be some bigish changes depending on what I think is going on.

Any further releases will be errata and cleanup based.

MSTWJS 4: Ember

I’m starting to get actual questions about the Ember version.

In the wake of the Ember team getting their newest router API into master, and also updating a lot of their documentation, I’ve broken ground on this one and am moving forward.

I will release this in a pretty early state, I imagine, and continue with the weekly updates until it’s through, which I expect will be on the order of ten weeks. Ish.

I have two criteria for the initial release. The first is that I need the example in the book to go far enough to display some things on the screen and show off some event and property processing. Secondly, I have a couple of people who have volunteered to sanity check the book, and I’d like at least one of them to sign off on it before anything insane I write is exposed to the general public. So, optimistically, Jan 14, but maybe a week or two after.

MSTWJS 1 and 2

I do have some standing errata that have been reporting. I would expect not to see an actual update until after the Ember book is on sale, not least because then the update email can be used to tell all the free book one customers that the Ember book exists.

Next Projects

So, I do know what my next project is going to be, I’m planning on self publishing it. It’ll be Ruby and testing based, but I don’t plan to start on it until after the Ember book is out in the wild. I came up with an outline while I was waiting for the Ember team, but now that I they look solid, I want to get that out first.


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