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Monday Morning Me: Sep 16, 2003

Posted on September 16, 2013

Here’s what’s going on.


Had another great time at WindyCityRails. I enjoyed the talks, and it was great to meet new people/see people I don’t see enough in person. As usual, Ray and the WCR team had the logistics of the event down (even the WiFi was pretty fast for a conference.) The venue is really nice, if maybe not perfectly arranged for the kinds of talks being given.

I very much loved Aaron Kalin waling around in his stormtrooper suit on day two, in response to a bet from Table XI to donate $50 to Facing Disability for each hour that Aaron wore it. You can see some of the results: here, here, here, here, and here.

As for my own talk (slides, video coming eventually, I assume), I was happy with it, but hope I get to give it again, because I feel like I was still discovering some ideas about how I was approaching the topic. For example, the framing idea of how practices get to become your new normal practice really only fully formed the night before, but I’m really interested in exploring it.

Also, as much as I really wanted to tell the “little web engine” story, I don’t think it’s as funny to anybody else as it is to me. (Right now, I have a much better time getting jokes to land in workshops then in formal talks, which is frustrating.)

Master Space and Time

The update is that today is the last day of the current pricing scheme. Tomorrow, the prices go up to $10 per book, or $25 for the bundle. So, if you want to get the cheaper price in under the wire, go to /mstwjs.

Rails Test Prescriptions

I’m currently in the process of auditing the existing book to determine all the things I wrote that still make sense, and all the things I wrote that don’t.

I’d like the next version to hit the “good tests equal good design” button a lot harder, and I’m trying to see how to structure the book to get that to work.

I’m also trying to figure out the minitest/RSpec balance. I’ll describe the basics of both, but I think I need to pick one as the primary focus of the code samples.

In favor of minitest: it’s the Rails default, it’s arguably simpler (or at least, it’s simpler internally), and the existing RTP code examples are compatible.

In favor of RSpec: it probably still has a larger share of Rails developers, it’s more expressive, and it has a more interesting ecosystem.

Anybody with an argument for focusing on one or the other that goes beyond “I use that one” is welcome to chime in.

Trust-Driven Development

I’m Doing an edit/finish some half-finished sections. I’d like to get a 30-some-odd page initial release out sometime in the next 10 days. Again, if you want to get it before the price goes up, it’s available at /trdd.


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