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June 18, 2010: Links Ahoy

Posted on June 18, 2010

I think a link post today…

Book Status

Still working on the style section, for some reason it’s going grindingly slow. The plan for beta 4 is the new style chapter, probably the legacy coding chapter. Also on the slate is updating the sample app to use Devise, which had a large constituency when I floated the idea the other day.

Oh, and I haven’t had the link up in a while. Buy the book here.

Jim Neath at the Purify blog has five plugins to help optimize MySql queries in your app. Cool.

Gregory Brown has an update on the Ruby Mendicant University.

This has nothing to do with Ruby. It’s what is believed to be the shortest theoretically possible game of monopoly…

I feel like if I get the hang of RVM, Gemsets, and Bundler, then my life will be a lot easier. This post from Brian Cardarella seems like a good start.

And Jeremy McAnally has a short gem that lets you specify that some tests should be skipped un some environments.


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