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May 25, 2010: Betas

Posted on May 25, 2010

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Beta 3 should be out today. The main change in this Beta is the inclusion of the Cucumber chapter, which has been updated both in terms of new tech, and also in terms of conclusions about how to use Cucumber.

And In Rails news…

When last we met, Rails 2.3.6 had just been released. Well, in the intervening 24 hours, we’ve bumped all the way to 2.3.8, with two bug fix releases, explained by Jeremy Kemper here and here. I don’t know why the patch releases weren’t numbered and – they’ve gone that route before. Anyway, enjoy.


This seems a good time to point to Mike Gunderloy’s historical list of Rails release dates. Confirming that Rails was pre 1.0 when I first saw it, was in the transition to 2.0 when I went to Pathfinder, and was in 2.0.2 when the Wrox book came out.

And then

I’m scheduled to be interviewed for the CoderPath podcast today, currently trying to confirm the time.

Here’s a call for combining RDoc and RSpec. Hmm… having used Python’s doctest, which is similar in goal, I’m skeptical. My sense was that the doctest things wound up being gunky enough that the file got hard to read.

Want to read Scott Chacon’s Pro Git book for free on your iPad? Sure you do.

This is a couple days old, but here’s Avdi Grimm with a nice little piece on Ruby’s Tempfile class.

The projects for the Ruby Summer of Code were announced. Looks like a good range of useful stuff.


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