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June 11, 2010: Get Ready for Whyday

Posted on June 11, 2010

Looks like I did get a few links gathered yesterday. I’m also working on a post about PeepOpen, TextMate, and RubyMine, I had an interesting day with all of them yesterday. I also remember working on a book-like thing once upon a time, and the whole point of doing this daily blog was to give me an incentive to work on the book every day.

August 19th is the anniversary of Why The Lucky Stiff’s sudden withdrawal from the online Ruby community, and Glenn Vanderburg is organizing Whyday for this Aug 19th, as a day to “put your best practices away” and celebrate Why’s unique spirit and contributions by making something great and off the normal path. That sounds like a great idea.

The GitHub team has put up, which is a short and clear reference to commonly used git commands (is it missing rebase, or am I going crazy?)

In the “been there, needed that” category, we have this little snippet from Jim Neath for determining an image’s orientation from paperclip.

A couple of Phusion Passenger links: from a couple of days ago, a response to an Igvita article about Rails performance and a preview of performance in the upcoming Passenger 3.

The first Safari extension I might actually use is Instapaper Beyond.


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