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Rails Rx Standup: April 9, 2010

Posted on April 9, 2010

Book Update

Not much to report. Still messing with the integration test chapter. Also still waiting for cover possibilities.

Tab Dump

Continuing the RailsEnvy story from yesterday, today Jason Seifer posts some more details. This essay is more personal. I wish Jason nothing but good things.

In a somewhat ironic counterpoint to Gregg and Jason writing about Rails envy, it was widely reported today that Justin Long thinks the “I’m a Mac” ads, of which he is the right-hand half, are over and done.

In general Ruby news, we’ve got, a minimalist site that lists upcoming Ruby conferences, and, which is Gregory Brown’s new site providing in-depth solutions to interesting domain problems.

TDD pioneer and RubyRx hero Kent Beck, has put up an unedited screencast about TDD. “Test Driven Development is intended to help programmers take more responsibility for the quality of their work”. It’s a little rough around the edges – it’s unedited, and it’s in Java. But it’s Kent Beck, talking about TDD, so go watch it (especially the first couple minutes, which are more general). Notice how small each of Kent’s steps are.


You may have heard that Apple had another announcement yesterday, this time for iPhone OS 4.0. The big one is obviously the structured multitasking. I’d like to thank Apple for allowing the iPad to overshadow most of the pre-announcement speculation about iPhone OS, leaving us with only the months of post-announcement speculation. Some of which I plan on indulging in.


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