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Rails Rx Standup: April 8, 2010

Posted on April 8, 2010

Book Status

Did a read-through of the integration testing chapter, mostly for grammar and clarity, there haven’t been any technical changes in the material that I have been able to discover. Next up is Webrat/Capybara, which will have some changes.


Got my RailsConf non-approval, which is disappointing but, you know, I also probably could have put a bit more effort into polishing my proposals.

Tab Dump

Gregg Pollack gives a brief history of RailsEnvy. RailsEnvy in general, and Gregg in particular, have been very helpful supports of me, and of the self-published version of this book, and I’m glad that things seem to be going well for him. I was at the Rails Edge conference where RailsEnvy premiered videos – it was my first Rails community event, and what I remember is how big a part of that event their videos turned out to be.

Engine yard has a new blog at for “Rails news delivered fresh”. The first post up is by Yehuda Katz (naturally), and is a nicely done summary of Rails 3 changes.

A few weeks ago, I was doing Rails/TDD training, and one of the issues the group had was the repetition of information in the routes file for Cucumber. It was confusing. This article from Solomon White has a quick workaround to automatically convert phrases to their named routes. I was thinking along similar lines, and I’m glad to see that somebody did this.

Finally, not a Rails, thing, but really cool: Dr. Horrible, imagined as an 8-bit Nintendo game.


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