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RailsConf 2023

Rails on Ruby: How Ruby Makes Rails Great

April 2023
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RubyConf 2022

In Defense of Ruby Metaprogramming

November 2022
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RailsConf 2021

Hotwire: HTML over the Wire

May 2021
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RailsConf 2020

Building a Mentorship Program

May 2020
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RubyConf 2018

The Developer's Toolkit

November 2018
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Madison Ruby (Chicago) 2018

The Goal of Having Goals

March 2018
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RubyConf 2017

High Cost Tests and High Value Tests

November 2017
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WindyCityRails 2017

The Road To Legacy Is Paved With Good Intentions

September 2017
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RubyConf 2016

Test Doubles Are Not To Be Mocked

November 2016
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WindyCityRails 2016

Money Makes Your App Go Round

September 2016
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Madison Ruby Epilogue 2016

I Was A Developer Running HR For A Year: AMA

August 2016
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WindyCityRails 2015

Beyond Red/Green/Refactor: Testing as a Mindset

September 2015
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RailsConf 2015

RSpec: It's Not Actually Magic

April 2015
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RailsConf 2014

Panel: Teaching the Next Great Developers

April 2014
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MountainWest RubyConf 2014

But Really, You Should Learn Smalltalk

May 2014
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WindyCityRails 2013

Rails vs. Object Oriented Programming

September 2013
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Rails Conf 2013

Rails vs. The Client Side

April 2013
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RubyConf 2012

Testing Should Be Fun

November 2012
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WindyCityRails 2012

Let’s Make Testing Fun Again

September 2012
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RailsConf 2012

Testing Best Practices

April 2012
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Ruby Midwest 2011

Test Your Legacy Rails Code

November 2011
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Ignite Rails 2011

If They Asked You, You Could Write a Book

April 2011

Refresh Chicago 2010

You Got Your Agile in my UXD

June 2010
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Chicago Ruby 2010

Testing Done Good

May 2010
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WindyCityRails 2009

How To Test Absolutely Anything

June 2009