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Hotwire And React And Ecosystems

Previously on Locally Sourced: I said this one would be about interview code, which it isn’t. Next time. Meantime, the live home of this newsletter is, where you can subscribe for free, or for money if that’s feasible for you and you are so inclined. Thanks, and tell your friends! People have been asking me quite a bit recently whether I would choose Hotwire or React for a project and what role each has in the web ecosystem.

Rube Goldberg, Professional Programmer

Yes, I really do need 700 LEGO bricks in order to flip that light switch… Program note: This essay is timed to the release of the draft-complete beta of Modern Front-End Programming with Rails. They won’t all be about the book, promise. (There will be one or two more about the book). There will be more Entropy Essays in the future about testing, object-oriented design, pairing, and so on… Something interesting happened as I was finishing up the book.

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