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For Example

Having shifted from editing on the book back to actual writing for a few new chapters, I’m back to obsessing about examples. (The book, of course, is Rails Test Prescriptions coming soonish to a bookstore or computer screen near you. Tell your friends.) I feel like I spend way more time obsessing over whether I’m picking good examples than the question actually merits. Or to put that another way, I’m pretty sure there’s a difference between a good example and a bad example, I’m much less sure there’s a difference between a great example and a good example.


Pragmatic wants November to be PragProWriMon, something of the non-fiction alternative to NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month. It’s a great idea. The best way to actually write anything is to get in the habit of sitting down and typing. Conversely, the best way to stop writing something is to break the habit, even for a couple of days. There are other places to go for inspiration on sitting down and writing (I’m kind of partial to Merlin Mann’s epic about making the clackity noise).

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