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Better Know A Ruby Thing: On The Use of Private Methods

Last time around, we got to Better Know access control in Ruby, and I started to write my opinion on the use of private methods in Ruby, but my position/argument/rant had gotten out of hand and so I spun it off into its own post. This is that post. It’s long enough as it is, let’s just get to it, we’ll skip the internal ad. What I think about Private Methods in Ruby In Ruby, a method without side effects should be public.

Better Know A Ruby Thing: Methods and Access Control (part 1)

I’ll be honest, I picked this topic out of the half-dozen or so Better Know A Ruby Things on my to-do list strictly because it’s maybe the only Ruby take that I genuinely argue with people about. To be even more honest, it got away from me a bit as I started writing the argument: which is why I tend to avoid declaring methods private. I know these newsletters have tended toward long, but 3100+ words was a bit much even for me, so I’ve split it in half.

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