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Posted on March 20, 2021

If you are reading this, then I did at least one thing right.

I’ve moved this newsletter to new provider called Buttondown. Ideally, this will not affect you at all. (You may have gotten a request to re-confirm your email, if so, that was my mistake.)

For me, it gives me the ability to write in Markdown, with code syntax coloring, an API that I might use at some point, and somewhat better financial terms for what is, let’s face it, a tiny email list.

If I’ve done this right, we also have no tracking pixels on the email. I don’t need pixels to track the metrics that are important to me: total subscriptions, paid subscriptions, and discussion – the comment section will be moved to the post’s home on

If you are a paid subscriber your billing should continue as before. If anything weird happens (especially if you were a subscriber but opted out), please let me know so I can make it right. You can also contact me at, or leave a comment on the live page for this email


Predictions are Hard

This is a good chance to talk about what I’m hoping to do with this newsletter going forward.

If you are a paid subscriber, first off, thank you, I very much appreciate it.

You’ve may have noticed that I’ve delivered zero paid-exclusive posts. Bluntly, that’s because there are so few paid subscribers that it feels really weird to send something exclusive to just the paid subscribers. I realize this is a chicken-and-egg problem, but at least for the moment, I’m unlikely to spend a lot of time on paid-only content. I’m hoping to think of some other way to offer value for your support. For the moment, though, the paid subscription is basically a tip jar.

Overall, though, with the book largely done, I’m hoping to get back on the 4-6 time a month train. I’m also planning more code-intensive content.

I had the wonderful, terrible thought that if I do a walkthrough of building a Rails app that is a team task tracker, I get to write about code design and team structure at the same time. (The question of what an opinionated, simple team tracker would look like, combined with an opinionated, simple approach to code design.) I’ve already started, and I think it’s going to be fun. Plus I still have to finish the Entropy Essays, and… well, lots of stuff. I hope you’ll like it.

Thanks for sticking around,



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