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Headless Shopping Carts: Carts Users, and IDs

You want to avoid abandoned shopping carts. (Photo via LookAfterYourself) My book Take My Money: Accepting Payments on the Web is about — wait for it — accepting payments on the web. Although the thrust of the book is dealing with all the complexity of managing money, we do talk about the user experience of interacting with a payment process. Specifically, the book shows how to set up a shopping cart for users to hold on to items they want to buy.

Not That Anybody Asked: The New MacBook Pro

Some thoughts about my new laptop about two weeks in, which I gather I’m supposed to hate, but which so far I persist in kind of liking. I think it’s a little bit about expectations and what’s being replaced. So I got the higher-end 13 inch MacBook Pro, with the touch strip, with a bigger SSD, but without the chip upgrades. It’s replacing a 2012 15 inch MBP that was definitely showing its age, with a screen that ghosts and dwindling battery life.

What’s Up With Rails Controller Tests

The Testing Pyramid, from Rails 4 Test Prescriptions It’s time for “Ask A Tester Person”, a game I haven’t played in a long time. I got a question on Twitter (several weeks ago, actually… but better late than never, right? Right?): I am, as a Rails junior, also confused about changes in controller testing I guess that’s technically not a question, but we’ll consider to the question to be “What the hell is up with controller testing in Rails?

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