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On Refactoring, Workshops, And Being Reviewed

This is not exactly what the code in question looked like I had a unique career experience this year. After watching this really quite fantastic RailsConf talk from Katrina Owen, I asked if she’d be interested in doing a full-day refactoring workshop for the Table XI developer team. Katrina agreed, and we decided that she would put together a workshop based on refactoring some of our actual client code. I had just the project in mind, and had her look at some specific examples.

Stream CSV Files In Rails Because You Can

It’s a stream, kind of I was reading the ActiveAdmin docs, as one does, when I read that ActiveAdmin, by default, streams CSV data when you request it from your browser, rather than sending it all in one chunk. This means that the Rails server can start sending the CSV data to the client while the file is still being generated. This can make the response much faster. (True fact, I was reading it for my mega-hot best seller Take My Money: Accepting Payments on The Web.

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