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Posted on November 15, 2012


Oh yeah, things happening…

Got A New Job, Got A New Office

First off, I’ve started a new job as a Senior Developer and Agile Coach at Table XI, putting me back in the realm of small, Chicago-based consulting companies. Very exited, Table XI seems like a great place so far. Hoping to do new things, challenge myself, and learn.

Book Update

Most importantly, you can still buy it.

It’s going slowly but steadily, thanks for asking. I’m determined to start releasing weekly even if it means that I cut off the book in mid-sentence. Hoping that will start next Monday. The remaining Backbone chapter is something like 1/3 to 2/5 done.

Next up, Ember. I was already placed on a blog post of Ember.js resources, which is quite flatteringly optimistic given that the Ember stuff doesn’t technically exist yet. A couple of members of the Ember team have reached out and offered some technical assistance, all of which is very nice, and motivating, and terrifying.

Anyway, the Ember stuff is going to be interesting because, first off, Ember is still a rapidly moving target. I had hoped they’d have locked down a 1.0 API by now, but given the comments made on the recent JS Jabber podcast, it looks like we still have some movement coming. Also, it seems as though the nature of Ember implies a more complex example to really show it off. Still hopeful that I’ll be able to start pushing out Ember content in December, though.


The video from WindyCityRails is now up, as well as the slides from the evolutionary decendent of the talk from RailsConf — the RailsConf video should be up in a couple of days. There’s a blog post in progress exploring the common theme of those talks, as well as a couple of speakers at SCNA who came at similar themes.


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