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In The Jungle, The Mighty Jungle

A few quick notes about Lion, mostly first impressions and things I haven’t necessarily seen a ton of coverage on. The install itself This is, I think, my third major OS upgrade since I started using OS X all the time. It’s by far the easiest install. The biggest problem was the time it took to download the installer. I also had a problem where the XCode installer finished but didn’t register itself as finished, such that it appeared to hang.

In Which I Blather About Self-Publishing

So I tend to keep an eye on interesting things in the Ruby self-published technical book space. This isn’t exactly recent, but I did want to mention and endorse Avdi Grimm’s Exceptional Ruby. This is exactly the kind of thing that should be happening in the self-publishing space. It’s a brief, thorough exploration of a very specific topic, in this case error and exception handling in Ruby. You may think you understand Ruby’s error mechanisms, but I’m pretty sure that unless you are actually Avdi, you will learn something both about the mechanics or Ruby’s exception handling and how best to robustly integrate error management into your code.

July 15, 2011: Stale Links

The problem with sitting on these daily link posts is that the links go out of date. Sigh. Here are some links. Twitter I found a couple of things about this InfoQ article about Twitter’s infrastructure odd. I was expecting it to be a bit more of a Rails hit-piece, frankly, so it was nice to see a quote like this one from Evan Weaver: I wouldn’t say that Rails has served as poorly in any way, it’s just that we outgrew it very quickly.

Old Testing Interviews

Back in January 2009, I did a bunch of interviews with prominent Rubyists about their test practices. The interviews vanished when I moved the site to WordPress, but I still get hits from a link to the interviews, and I thought it would be useful to get them all in one place. Remember, this was 2009, and I’m sure everybody’s habits have changed since then. Other than putting them all together in one post, I haven’t edited these at all.

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