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Aug 30, 2010: Rails 3 has landed

Posted on August 30, 2010

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As you probably know, both Rails 3 and Bundler went final over the weekend. The Rails 3 release notes are up, as well as extensive coverage on the Rails Guides page. I’ll also mention Jeremy McAnally’s Rails 3 Upgrade handbookhttp, and Gregg Pollack’s list of great Rails 3 documentation sources. And, just for the hell of it, here’s the post I wrote back when Rails 3 was first announced. Somehow, this is not the first Google result for the phrase “Merby Overlords”

In other news

I do mean to write about Obtiva’s Master Class with Alistair Cockburn, but that’s going to take way more concentration than I can muster this morning. For the moment, it’s enough to say that it was fun, interesting, and enlightening.

In honor, this link that Alistair tweeted over the weekend, the Half-Arsed Agile Manifesto. Anybody who doesn’t recognize themselves in that a little bit has never actually tried Agile.

By the way, I loved doing the post based on search engine entries into the site… you’ll see that again, as it was relatively easy, kind of funny, and marginally useful, and that’s pretty much what I aspire to.

If you’re into programming abstractions and/or you want to learn about Lisp, Magnus Holm has an introduction to S-Expressions for Rubyists.

And if you are into crazy Ruby metaprogramming, Lance Pollard has a long look at instance_eval. It’s nice to see a metaprogramming example that’s actually motivated from a use case.

Highly prolific conference blogger Jake Scruggs was at RubyKaigi this week, here’s day one of his report. Day two. Day three.


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