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Aug 27, 2010: Seek and You Shall Find

Posted on August 27, 2010

I always feel a little bad for the people who come to this site via search. There aren’t very many of them, mind you, but it always feels like they are destined to be disappointed if they are coming here to actually get information.

In that sprit, I’m going to respond to some of the search terms that WordPress says have brought people to this site in the last 48 hours. Better late then never, right?

Is there anything better than Rubymine

how to install plugin with rubymine

Funny you should ask because I’ve been voluntarily using RubyMine over TextMate on my current project (the Cucumber support sealed the deal). It’s not perfect, and it’s not as good a pure editor as TextMate, let alone Vim. But I come to form the idea that the things that RubyMine is good at – mostly project navigation, and easy running of tests – are things I do all the time. The things that Vim or TextMate are better at – helping me put text on the page more quickly – well, it’s not like I don’t type all the time, but the advanced features of those editors are things I need less frequently. So RubyMine works best for me right now, despite some flaws that still remain.

As for plugins, I think you need to start at the preference screen.

Ackmate no results

Have you tried adding the file type you are interested in to the options field or an .ackrc file, a la

Moving from authlogic to devise

Recommended. Well, starting a new project with devise. I’m not sure I’d mess with a working project.

Scrivener Dropbox Support

As far as I can tell, you’re out of luck for a simple solution until Scrivener 2.0 comes out, at least if you want to be able to edit the files on Dropbox outside of Scrivener.

Rails 3 Html5


Jasmine Rails

rspc testing javascript

jasmine docs testing

jasmine rails how to

Seems like there’s some interest here. Mostly I just wish everything would sit still for a few months so I could finish the book. But what with Relevance saying they aren’t supporting Blue Ridge in favor of Jasmine, I’m pretty much forced to try to redo the chapter in Jasmine. Which looks nice, but has not quite progressed to the documentation writing phase, as far as I can tell. Still, I expect this to be Beta 8 of the book, sometime in early September.

Jruby auth authlogic

Hmm… never tried it, but I think it’ll work

capybara csv test

Not sure you need capybara to test CSV output, but this question actually might have been answered by a post on this blog. Hurray.

how to get bullet points in pages ipad

Press the “i” button in the toolbar to get the inspector, then select list from the nav bar in the inspector window.

In a related story, Apple snuck in an iWork update yesterday that adds output to ePub to Mac Pages suitable for the iBooks store, along with a document that can serve as a template to make things look right – the ePub support looks for particular paragraph styles. Nice to see that, especially nice to see that without having to pay for an upgrade.

rspec testing css

I think in an RSpec view test, you’re expected to use the Webrat have_selector matcher these days.

rails text editor ipad

Haven’t found anything I like specifically for coding yet, but Droptext is okay for general text. Still looking for an editor with programmer style tools that works with Dropbox.

chronic rails 3

As far as I know, they work together fine.

rails testing

rails unit shoulda

Hey, I have a book you might be interested in…


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