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July 27, 2010: No Rails Release Shall Escape My Sight

Posted on July 27, 2010

Book Status

Beta 5 should be out today, with the legacy and the Rails 3. Next up are the Shoulda and RSpec chapters, starting with figuring out how to handle the changes in Shoulda since I last wrote the chapter.


I’m sure all of you within the interest circle of this blog already know that Rails 3.0 RC 1 was released yesterday. Part of me wants to say “finally”, but that really isn’t fair. Doesn’t look like there are dramatic changes from Beta 4, but check out the release notes.

And another thing

So Larry Doyle, author of the Go Mutants! book that I reviewed yesterday, re-tweeted me this morning, which I suppose means he read the review. That kind of thing always surprises me more than it should, given how often I Google my own name…

Okay, nobody else is going to care, but here is Ryan Reynolds from ComicCon reciting the Green Lantern Oath for a small fan during the panel discussion of the upcoming movie. Green Lantern was, somehow, my favorite character when I was a kid, and it’s great to see Reynolds do the line without a hint of ironic winking.

37Signals posts some information on their production database setup. This kind of thing is incredibly useful, but for obvious reasons kind of hard to come by. So, thanks.

Thoughtbot announced the release of Flutie, which is a “not CSS framework” distributed as a Rails engine. It seems like a set of intelligent CSS defaults that can be used to make something look good by a non CSS-guru developer, but which still allows a CSS expert to use a site layout framework on top. Looks helpful.

This is a couple of months old from Takaaki Kato, but it’s a nice series of TextMate tips for Rails developers. I’d add that I’ve always had trouble with ProjectPlus – it’s always had performance problems for me. A very handy set of tips, though.


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