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July 2, 2010: Cease and or desist

Posted on July 2, 2010

Book Status

And now I turn my lonely eyes to the chapter on testing legacy code. I liked this chapter in the original book, and it’s something I get asked about pretty consistently, so I really want to make it great.

I’m personally going to spend a lot of time with David Chelimsky’s post about RSpec 2 docs. It’s the best listing I’ve seen so far about changes between RSpec 1 and RSpec 2. In particular, the Cucumber features are outstanding – the best example of tests as documentation I have ever seen.

Corey Haines has an article on testing JavaScript via Jasmine in this months jsmag – not a free article, just so you know. I’ve heard Corey present on this topic, and he’s great.

In a related story, Kristian Mandrup has a fork of the BlueRidge JavaScript/Rails test framework that makes the generators compatible with Rails 3.

Adam Wiggens describes Clockwork, a Ruby alternative to Cron.

Multiple sources report that the Lemmings game port for iOS that I reported on a few days back was immediately slapped with a cease and desist order from Sony. Ouch.

And if you haven’t read the message from the CEO of Woot to his employees on the occasion of being acquired by Amazon, well, it’s worth five minutes of your time.


One year ago this weekend, Gregg Pollack was nice enough to give the Lulu version of Rails Test Prescriptions a big shout-out on the official Ruby on Rails Weblog. This was part of what drove me to submit the book to Pragmatic, so this is another thank you to Gregg for the kind words and the push forward.


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