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May 19, 2010: Testing Done Good

Posted on May 19, 2010

Book Status

I got some editorial feedback on the Cucumber chapter, the plan is to get that turned in by Friday for a Monday switch to Beta 3.

Not sure what Beta 4 will be – it’ll either be Selenium or some of the test quality chapters.


I’ll be presenting at Chicago Ruby on June 1, along with Matt Polito. The working title of my talk “Testing Done Good”, and it’s going to be about writing good and robust tests. More details about that as I put it together. Matt’s talk is called “Not an Intro to Git”.


Boy, do I identify with this tweet from author and TV writer Pamela Ribon:

I keep waiting for an email from Amazon like: “Hey! Your book’s page looks exactly the same as the last time you checked, you crazy lady.”

If you want a little more background on Rubinius in the wake of the 1.0 release, Peter Cooper has a Ruby Inside article that explains it. I still couldn’t get it to load via RVM, but I’m quite sure that’s my own fault.

Thoughtbot announces a new Hoptoad plan, but the interesting part of the post is the metrics of how many errors the system has processed. That’s a lot of “oops”.

If you love TextMate, but wish it had better method completion, here’s a stab at one from Carlos Brando. It’s heavily dependent on naming conventions, so actual milage may vary.


Apparently the Smothers Brothers abruptly announced their retirement after 51 years as a performing duo. What does that have to do with Rails? Nothing, just that they are funny and I like them.


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