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April 20, 2010: One Day More

Posted on April 20, 2010

Top Story / Book Status

As far as I know, everything is still good for the book to go on sale tomorrow. Tomorrow I’ll post all the info – url, cover, pricing. I don’t plan to be subtle about it.

As for the writing itself, I finished the next drafts of the chapters on integration testing, webrat and capybara, the capybara bit probably still needs some more research. Right now I’m working on an article on mock testing for the Pragmatic Magazine, next up after that is probably a look through the Cucumber chapter, which I originally wrote about a year and umpteen skillion Cucumber releases ago.

Tab Dump

Not a lot today. Yehuda must be on vacation…

Video interview with Obtiva’s Own Dave Hoover about his book Apprenticeship Patterns. The interview is conducted by Obie Fernandez. The book is full of useful things to do for anybody who is interested in learning. Which should be everybody.

Continuing the Dave Hoover theme, Dave is the person who first told me about Resque, and here’s a nice blog post explaining why you should use Resque for background processing.

A sadder note, the Devver and the Caliper service will be shutting down on April 30. Too bad, they looked like interesting and useful services.


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