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Posted on November 17, 2008


With respect to this request to link to early web stuff, I think the oldest HTML page I coded that’s still online is my Georgia Tech home page, circa 1997-8. Note the creative use of ugly nested tables. I don’t think that any of my earlier web stuff has survived… no, wait, one other thing. The site dates to, I think 1997, it can’t be much earlier because it has a broken Java applet (which was basically just a fancy animated gif). The articles are from a few years earlier though. Again, ugly table layout. While I’m here, I should mention that one of the articles on this page was maybe the only thing I’ve ever written that got forwarded around online without attribution….

Most of my early real web-app work has been eroded from time and traffic, but there are some embarrassing stories there. My first real web app, written in ColdFusion in 1998-9 we served from a server conveniently stored underneath my desk, and initially used the production server for development. It wasn’t for quite a few months that we had a separate server for production. Or, to put it another way, I think we scored a solid zero on the Joel Test. Luckily for me and my clients, I’ve learned better since then.


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