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Quick Book Update

Posted on September 24, 2007

Couple quick things while I have a minute…

  • Just turned in Chapter 10 (of 16) of the Rails book. Still mostly on schedule for a turn in on October 26, not quite sure what that implies for a print date

  • As I write this, the wxPython book is at 11 thousand and change on Amazon, the highest I’ve seen in months, which is probably a fluke. Weirdly Amazon says it’s the #15 book on “Website Architecture & Usability”, which would be great if it was, you know, actually about website architecture usability…

  • New article up on the Pathfinder blog. This one is about Rails RJS templates and how to test them. It’s partially a book preview, but really only an overlap of subject mat

There’s more, but I’ll get it when I have a chance.


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