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Clearing The Decks

Posted on February 3, 2007

A collection of small things, half-finished posts, and pure whatnot that hopefully will lead to more posts in the future:

  • Got my first Amazon affiliate statement with no less than $1.55 heading my way. Thanks to the person who clicked through…

  • There’s a new sidebar, for small links, via The sidebar has it’s own RSS feed, on the off chance somebody is interested. UPDATE: It doesn’t appear to work on Safari, which is a problem… Weird, because I did the preview using Safari, and it showed up fine, but not in the actual blog. Until I figure that out, Safari users can still click on the RSS icon and see the items.

  • I had a half-finished post on the iPhone that got buried by the trillions of electrons poured on this story. So, I’ll distill it to this: that was one cool demo.

  • I also had a half-finished post on using XML as a scripting language, as in Ant scripts. Distilled: Don’t do it. It’s hard to read and nigh impossible to maintain. The thing I most like about Groovy is that it lets you actually script an Ant target. Although I think the JRuby/Rake combo is going to be pretty powerful here.

  • Hey, another half-finished post. This one was about the lack of list or hash literals in Java. Which bothers me just about every day that I work with Java.

Decks now cleared. Hoping to get some new content here soon.


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